Wright Bacon, Applewood, Thick Cut 24 oz

There’s bacon, then there’s bacon done Wright. Just like our founders intended, Wright Brand Bacon is still hand-trimmed from top-quality, hand-picked pork bellies before being smoked over real wood chips. thick cut and stack packed in our larger-sized 1.5 lb resealable package, we ensure you get only the best of our top-quality bacon slices. To extract every bit of delicious flavor from our thick-sliced bacon, simply lay slices flat on a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes. This cooking method transforms our bacon into a crispy, golden brown texture with unrivaled flavor. Elevate your favorite hamburger with fresh strips of our gourmet bacon or create the ultimate BLT sandwich. This high-quality bacon is also perfect for trying out a batch of our Southern Fried Bacon Tacos that are both sweet and salty. Or confidently grill up bacon-wrapped sausages or poppers with cheese for the big game, BBQ, or backyard together. Prepare a classic breakfast food with eggs and bacon with a side of toast, or prepare smoked bacon and waffles with a side of real maple syrup that the whole family can enjoy. However you choose to indulge, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with every slice of our real wood smoked bacon.