Wewalka European Bakery Style Dough Danish Dough 10.6 oz. Pack

Wewalka Danish Pastry Dough is made with 36 layers of sweet yeast dough to provide unlimited baking potential. Rolled onto a seamless rectangular sheet, this versatile product can be easily formed and filled to make perfect croissants, pockets, turnovers, rolls, braids, pinwheels, etc. It is the first refrigerated Danish Dough to be offered in the U.S. Contains no artifical flavors or colors, no high fructose corn syrup, nohydrogenated oils, no bleached flour, and no genetically engineered ingredients. Suitable for Vegans Made with Real Yeast Layered Yeast Pastry European Bakery Style Made Easy Ready to Bake - Parchment Paper Included Product of Austria or Hungary We Love, We Bake...Wewalka!