Waterwheel Crackers, Wafer Thin, Tuscan-Style Tomato & Basil

All natural. Australian made. WaterWheel Wafer Thin Crackers are delicately baked with a light, melt in your mouth texture that will not overpower your favorite toppings. Our wafer thin crackers are the perfect partner for cheese, dips and pate. WaterWheel Wafer Thin Crackers are proudly Australian made with exceptional quality and with the finest ingredients. Whatever the occasion, waterwheel is here to help you entertain with confidence! For more topping ideas, visit waterwheel.com.au. WaterWheel Customer Service: This product is made by Waterwheel Premium Foods Pty. Ltd. If you have any queries regarding this product, please contact us by: Mail: Consumer Relations Department 29 Glendenning Road, Glendenning, NSW 2761 Australia. Please provide your name, address and contact number, product's best before date and place of purchase. Email: info at waterwheel.com.au. Website: www.waterwheel.com.au. Made in Australia.