Sunniland Professional Weed & Feed, 16-0-8

50 pounds weed & feeds 10,000 sq. ft. minimum. For St. Augustine, centipede & zoysia grasses. Weeds as it feeds. May be applied twice a year. Also prevents crabgrass germiniataion. Phosphorus free. Controlled release fertilizer driven by Durationcr. Engineered for performance. Poly coated technology. Controlled release nitrogen for extended growth and color. Up to 4 month feedingManufactured for Sunniland Corporation by: EPA Est. No. 59144-GA-1(A), 32802-MO-(B), 37351-C0-1(C), 8378-IN-I(D), 961-PA-01(F), 961-IL-01(G), 35497-OR-1(H), 49991-TX-2(Q) This product is sold as is, manufacturer makes no warranties, express or implied. In no event shall manufacturer be held liable for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any kind. Buyer assumes all risks of use, storage and handling of this product.