Bolthouse Farms Bom Dia Juice, Antioxidant Rich Acai Berry with Cacao

All natural. And other juices from concentrate. Nutrients for vibrant health. Purple colored fruits have long, been known for their powerful, antioxidants. With seven times the antioxidants of blueberries and an abundance of other essential nutrients, the Acai berry (pronounced ah-sighee) is being called the most nutritious fruit on the planet. This delicious blend combines the promising health benefits of Mangosteen fruit with Acai berries harvested at the peak of nutritional potency and flavor. Bom Dia! Bom Dia means, Good Morning, in Portuguese, the native language of Brazil. The lush Amazon region is full of delicious, ultra nutritious fruits that are largely undiscovered by the rest of the world. Our mission is to bring these unique flavors and their exceptional nutritional benefits to you by using only sustainable harvesting practices that preserve the rainforest, rather than destroy it. Flash pasteurized and cold sterile-filled for safety. Servings of Fruit: About 2 per Bottle. Rich In Antioxidant Vitamin C. Product of USA.