PrintWorks Photo Paper, Glossy, Ultra Premium, 8.5 x 11 in

For farmable professional quality prints. Helping you get the best results guaranteed. Guaranteed great results for any inkjet printer. Acid Free Archival Paper: Create and preserve long lasting memories. Heavyweight, high gloss paper delivers professional quality prints. Faster drying time for easy handling. 4 Really Good Reasons to Use PrintWorks Papers: 1. Paper is our Passion and we want to make it yours too. While being passionate about paper may sound silly, it doesn't to us. We understand that the right paper is crucial for producing a great print. For over 40 years, all we have made is paper so we are experts on coatings, finishes, and the total printing process and have put all of that knowledge into our paper. That's why our quality is the same or better than the big brands. 2. You can pay more but you don't have to. We love being able to offer the highest quality paper at an affordable price. We don't have huge advertising budgets like the big brands and we pass that savings on to you. You are only paying for paper. 3. We do more than anyone else to help you print like a pro. Steps for taking a great photo. Choosing the right paper. Imaging & editing tips. Product reviews and more. 4. The You'll Like it Better guarantee. Tru Color Technology. For vibrant color prints. Made in USA.