Plum Baby Training Meals Baby Food, Organic, Harvest Vegetable with Turkey, Stage 3

8+ months. Hearty blends, thicker textures. Unsweetened. Unsalted. No artificial ingredients. USDA organic. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. Harvest vegetable with turkey. Created by a mom - Plum Organics believes the joy of eating starts with the very first spoonful. Introduce your baby to a wide range of delicious foods that offer the best building blocks for a lifetime of good eating. Made with love - Plum Parents. Tana's Favorite: I love this blend because it feels like a Thanksgiving inspired treat for my little girl. And even better, she gets to enjoy it more than once a year! Real Organic Food: Only the very best for your baby - yum! Culinary-Inspired: Delightful flavor combinations for a budding palate. Convenient Portable Pouch: Just pack and go. This packaging contains no BPA. Certified organic by Oregon Tilth.