Iams Healthy Naturals Cat Food, Adult (1+ Years), with Atlantic Salmon

Made with real salmon. Plus added vitamins, minerals + amino acids. No fillers or artificial: preservatives, colors, flavors. Nourish your cat with a lifetime of love - naturally. For over 60 years, Iams has followed a clear and simple philosophy, to promote the health of pets everywhere. Today, that philosophy inspires our team of animal nutritionists and veterinarians to bring your cat Iams Naturals - a wholesome balance of taste and nutrition without fillers or artificial preservatives. Simplicity is at the heart of Iams. Nutrition matters, naturally. 1. Natural protein sources for healthy, strong muscles to support your cat's natural agility: high-quality chicken and egg to help build and maintain muscle. 2. Wholesome grains for energy: natural rice and barley provides the energy for activity throughout the day. 3. Antioxidants for healthy immunity: vitamin E and antioxidants, including those from tomatoes, spinach, and peas, to promote a strong immune system. 4. Natural vegetable and fruit fiber for healthy digestion: natural fiber from beets and apples to support a healthy digestive system. Iams Healthy Naturals is a blend of nature's goodness - high quality protein and farm-grown fruits and vegetables to help keep your cat healthy for a lifetime. Iams Healthy Naturals with Atlantic salmon is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AFFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance. iams.com. Iams cat food offers a 100% guarantee. Pet food only. Connect with us on Facebook. Iams Lifelong rewards. Join for exclusive coupons & information for every lifestage. www.iams.com/user/join.