WD 40 No-Mess Pen

WD-40 where you want it and nowhere else. Remove crayon; Lubricates; Remove stickers; Protects; Remove Heel Marks. Low odor. WD-40 No-Mess Pen is the neatest, easiest and virtually odor-free way to put WD-40 precisely where you want it and nowhere else. You'll want to keep several handy to solve life's little emergencies, in and around the house, in the car, or on the go. Home: Quiet squeaks; Lubricates drawers, windows, toys, locks, snaps, zippers and more. Sports: On the boat or in the tackle box to keep things smooth running and corrosion free; Rollerblades and skateboards; Ski bindings; Bike chains; Lube zippers, snap on tents, sleeping bags, and outdoor covers; Protect firearms without wood overspray. Toolbox: Clean electrical contacts; Lube triggers on power tools; Clean spray paint nozzles. Auto/RV/Motorcycles: Lubricates locks and hinges; Safely remove road tar and grime; Remove gum and grease from vinyl; On the Go: Carry with you; Keep in car. Made in Taiwan.