Loctite Outdoor Adhesive, Stik'n Seal

Water resistant/crystal clear. 5 minutes. Metal, ceramic, wood, glass, rubber, leather, masonry & plastics. A versatile high-performance adhesive sealant formulated for all-purpose projects and repairs. This semi-flexible crystal-clear adhesive is designed to address the daily needs of the homeowner, both indoor and outdoor. Technical Data: Set Time: 5 minutes; Cure Time: 24 hours. Cure time dependent on temperature, humidity and thickness of product used. Cured Form: Clear, non-flammable, flexible solid. Strength: 465 psi, (24 hours maple to maple). Application: Above 32 degrees F (0 degrees C). Withstands: 14 degrees F (-10 degrees C) to 110 degrees F (43 degrees C). Not Recommended for: Potable water systems. Metal-to metal bonding. Bonding two non-porous surfaces. Hard to bond plastics such as PE and PP. Made in the USA.