Angel Soft Double Rolls 2-Ply Unscented Bathroom Tissue - 12 CT

Angel Soft Double Rolls 2-Ply Unscented Bathroom Tissue. 12 double rolls = 24 regular rolls'. 2-ply. Septic safe. 70% more sheet per roll. Than Charmin Ultra Soft**. 12 rolls - 400 sq ft/pies2 (37.1 m2). 300 sheets per roll - 4 in X 4 in (10.16 cm X 10.16 cm). Regular, mega. 12 double rolls. An ideal balance of Softness & Strength*. Made just right with an extra layer*** to get the job done. *Compared to Angel Soft regular rolls. **Angel Soft double roll at 300 sheets per roll compared to Charmin Ultra Soft double roll at 176 sheets per roll. ***Versus one-ply products. Visit Septic safe. Safe for standard septic and sewer systems. Questions Comments Please call toll free 1-800-2TELLGP or 1-800-283-5547. GP. Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products. 2011 Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP. All rights reserved. Angel Soft, an ideal balance of softness & strength, the butterfly emboss, and the Georgia-Pacific logo are trademarks owned by or licensed to Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP.