Melvins Bbq BBQ Sauce, Southern Hickory

No preservatives. Gluten free. Charleston South Carolina. Est. 1939. Sweet Finish. A true Southern treat! Certified SC Product. Southern Hickory: A mustard base BBQ sauce with a hint of smoky hickory flavor. Liquid smoke & cayenne peppers give this sauce a mild pop, while apple cider vinegar give it a sweet finish. Perfect for grilling, basting, and dipping with pork, ribs, chicken, burger; fish, turkey, and even salads! Charlestons first family of Mustard-BBQ. It all started in 1933 in the backwoods of Orangeburg, SC, when Melvin was taught the Golden Secre BBQ Sauce his daddy invented. After returning from WWII a decorated veteran, he used his Army paychecks to help his father Big Joe open the famous Eat At Joes. Many years (and smoked hogs) later, and with the support of his wife Betty, Melvin started his own restaurant in Charleston, SC. Today this BBQ tradition is carried on by his son, pitmaster Melvin David Bessinger, & through their legendary Barbecue Sauce - now available to you. Find us online