Kodak Elite Chrome 35mm Film for Color Slides, Daylight, 400 Speed, 24 Exposures

Ideal for Action. Each Kodak Elite Chrome film is designed to help you achieve the effects you want. Elite Chrome 100: Pure color with natural skin tones. Great for close-ups, portraits and enlargements. Elite Chrome 200: Versatile speed with unsurpassed fine grain. Ideal for varying light conditions. Elite Chrome 400: Designed for low light and fast action. Extra Color 100: High color saturation is great for landscapes, cityscapes, nature and wildlife, especially on cloudy or overcast days. Superior Sharpness and Color Make Great Digital Images: When used with a film scanner and ink jet printer. Kodak slide film delivers a true image you can alter and enhance on your computer to create superb prints. EktraChrome Reversal Film. ISO: 400/27. EL 135-24.