Julians Recipe Belgian Waffles, Original, Brussels Style

11 g protein per serving. Non-GMO. A family of great food. My parents came from Europe and brought with them recipes you can't always find in cookbooks-fresh and delicious with a little twist that made them special. This is how I grew up and perhaps it was what inspired me to want to cook for others. In time I became chef de cuisine for restaurants, hotels and celebrated country inns in fascinating corners of the world. And everywhere I travelled I collected the special touches that only the locals know. Now I have managed to reproduce the special delights that have shaped my life. My son, Julian, has joyously inherited this love of cooking and he has become my muse and greatest critic. It is said that by honoring our past we shape the future. And that's how Julian's Recipe was born. Alexander Dzieduszycki, Founder. Breakfast, Dessert. Brussels Style Belgian Waffles. Julian's Recipe is proud to offer a Brussels style waffle so authentic it's actually imported directly from the home country. They are made with the care and the traditional baking techniques that Belgian waffle makers have been perfecting for centuries. Experience Julian's Recipe for yourself and you'll become as passionate about out waffles as they are in Brussels. www.julianrecipe.com Product of Belgium.