Goody's Extra Strength Headache Powders - 6 CT

Goody's® Extra Strength Headache Powders. Fast pain relief. Acetaminophen, aspirin (nsaid) / caffeine. Pain reliever / pain reliever aid. A prestige brands company. Uses: Temporarily relieves minor aches and pains due to: Headache, minor arthritis pain, colds, muscular aches, toothache, menstrual cramps. Each powder contains: potassium 60mg. Read and keep leaflet or call to our number for complete directions and warnings. Retain leaflet upon opening. Extended Text® INSEAL™ has the following patents: U.K. 0098092, Europe 0342006, U.S.A. 4488922. Goody's is a registered trademark of Medtech Products Inc. Questions or Comments Call: 1-866-255-5197 (English/Spanish) weekdays. © 2015.