Goodbelly Probiotics OatDrink, Straight Shot, Yumberry

Dairy-free. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI). Vegan. No added sugar. Made with probi digestis. Non-GMO. Digestive health made simple. 20 billion probiotic cultures (Per serving at time of manufacture. Storage conditions may affect the number of active probiotic cultures. Please keep at 35-40 degrees F for maximum potency). What's GoodBelly StraightShot? GoodBelly StraightShot is a gently flavored, dairy-free probiotic shot with 20 billion live and active cultures per serving and no sugar added. It's created to naturally renew your digestive health, right where your overall health gets started - in your belly (Lactobacillus plantarum 299v can be found naturally in the intestinal system, and may help promote healthy digestion when consumed daily as part of a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle. GoodBelly is a food product and not a treatment or cure for any medical disorder or disease. If you have any concerns about your digestive system, please consult your healthcare professional). See inside for more info! Got Questions? Contact us at info(at) Do the 12 day belly reboot (see bottom for details). 12 Day Belly Reboot: Start your goodhealth game plan. 1. Sign up at 2. Look for coupons in your inbox. 3. Drink one shot of GoodBelly each day. 4. Love it by day 12-or it's free (Some restrictions apply). Probi probiotic support Please recycle. Manufactured in USA.