Fujifilm Premium Plus Photo Paper, Glossy

4 x 6 inches. Print brilliant color pictures for your photo album. Works with all inkjet printers. Brighter white, sharper detail, rich, vivid color; smooth, high gloss paper; exclusive Fujifilm Super Performance Technology. Experience the excellence of Fujifilm photo paper made especially for your inkjet printer. Using state-of-the-art patented coating technology, Fujifilm's photo paper is constructed with a photographic base paper and more coating layers. The result? You get superior color accuracy and professional quality prints, guaranteed. The Four Facets of Fujifilm's Super Performance (SP) Technology: Surpassing Sharpness for crisp detail, contract and definition. Supremely Smooth glossier finish for pro-quality look and feel. Superb Saturation for richer, truer more brilliant color. Super Staying Power for long-lasting photos that capture your memories. Fujifilm Photo Paper Selection Guide: Premium Plus: High-quality photo paper, prints brilliant pictures for photo albums. Acid-free paper; Resealable package. Paper Weight: 65 lbs. Made in the EU.