Counter Culture Coffee, Big Trouble, Single-Serve Steeped Packs

Tasting Notes: caramel; nutty; round. Steeped coffee bags. 5 single-serve steeped packs. For more than two decades, we've been creating extraordinary coffee experiences. We don't just find good coffee, we put in the work and commitment it takes to develop great coffees. In addition to sourcing and roasting the incredible coffee in this bag, Counter Culture operates training centers across the country. These training centers are hubs that foster coffee education, exploration, and enthusiasm. New York; Chicago; Boston; Asheville, NC; Charleston, SC; Los Angeles; Dallas; Miami; Seattle; Atlanta; Washington, DC; Bay Area (Roastery); Durham, NC (HQ + Roastery). Extraordinary coffee anywhere. Big Trouble offers the nutty, caramel, and chocolate flavors that many people know and love. While attaining such an approachable profile might seem like an easy task, Big Trouble is one of the most challenging year-round products for us to source due to the quality and seasonality of coffees with these characteristics. Join us every Friday at 10 a.m. in any of our spaces - and 24/7 at Steeped bags & packs are made using compostable & renewable materials. Please recycle.