Buddhas Brew Kombucha, Spicy Mango

Gluten free. Vegan. 19 billion live cultures per bottle. Be wild. Live Kombucha Cultures (Lab tests at time of bottling show 19 billion live cultures per 16 ounces): gluconocetobacter xylinus; zygosaccharomyces baili' dekkera bruxellensis; dekkera anomala; pichia menbranifaciens. Find peace at the bottom of every bottle. Drink daily to bring out the Buddha in you. Our Mission: Brew the most powerful & authentic kombucha. Full strength. Raw & unfiltered. Wildly delicious. Wild living cultures. Brewing real kombucha for over 12 years. In a cozy corner of Austin known to locals as Oak Hill, Buddha's Brew Kombucha resides. Here at the Gateway to the Texas Hill Country, we brew with traditional fermentation methods as wild as the greenbelt and creek in our backyard. We brew authentic Kombucha, handcrafted from wild, living culture strains and bottled raw, as nature intended. One of our live cultures comes from the native grapevines growing alongside our brewery! Be wild! To understand everything is to forgive everything. The Buddha. Be wild is living in tune with nature. Buddhasbrew.com. With love from Austin, TX since 2006.