Woodchuck Hard Cider, 802

Smooth & refreshing. Gluten free. Naturally fermented. Independent to the core. At Woodchuck, we do things our own way. We start with the finest ingredients crafted at our local cidery here in Middlebury, Vermont. Then our cider-master meticulously oversees the details of every small batch before any bottle or keg leaves our back door. It's this special attention and love for our product that ensures we always deliver a smooth, unique hard cider that is true to our roots. Woodchuck 802: Crisp with a clean finish and tawny brown in color from caramelized sugar added to each small batch. woodchuck.com. 5% alcohol by volume. Produced and bottled by Woodchuck Cidery, Vermont. Please recycle. 100% recycled paperboard. Made in Vermont.