Inglenook Table Wine, Chillable Red

With natural flavors. Proprietor's series. Celebrating over 125 years of award-winning wines. Vineyards and winery. Established 1879. The classic heritage of Inglenook Vineyards began over a century ago in California's Wine Country. Remaining true to this tradition of quality, winemaker Jim Walls uses only the finest grapes, picked at the peak of perfection. Our select vintage blending marries the fruit-forward character of young wines with the rich body and structure of mature reserve wines, achieving balanced and consistent flavors time after time. Inglenook Chillable Red is a light-bodied red that is made to be served chilled. Chillable Red has more body and flavor than blush wine and it's softer than traditional red wines. A perfect pair for light-sauced pasta or enjoy simply as an aperitif. Served chilled.