Sierra Nevada Beer, Crystal Wheat

Purest ingredients. Finest quality. Old Chico is our special Crystal Wheat beer brewed for our fans who have supported us over the years. Only available locally, this ale is our lightest offering. Brewed with malted wheat and barley, and perfectly balanced by unique Crystal hops. Old Chico is a great choice for craft brew newcomers and beer aficionados alike - light bodied, refreshing, and wonderfully drinkable. The Old Chico Brewery operated between 1865 and 1899 and proves that Chico is - and has always been - a city with a passion for locally made beer. In the time before prohibition, nearly every city in America had its own brewery - making beer sold directly to its thirsty local patrons. We love the notion of a brewery built with local tastes in mind. This Old Chico Crystal Wheat beer is a tribute to that original brewery, and a thank you to our local family, who have supported us over these last 30 years. The Old Chico Brewery illustration was created by local artist Richard K. McGaugh, who designed artwork for some of Sierra Nevada's most beloved labels. McGaugh passed away in 2009 and we wanted to honor his memory by featuring his unique drawing. Previously only available on draft, Crystal Wheat has been a favorite in the area for years. We hope you'll enjoy this locals-only beer. Thank you for your support. Cheers! Alc. 4.8% by Vol. Brewed & bottled by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Chico, CA.