Balmex Adult Care Rash Cream

Balmex Adult Care Rash Cream. New! Activ Guard. Neutralizes irritants. Soothes & protects skin. From irritation, chafing & rash. Dermatologist tested. Works in one use*. Odor-free. Zinc oxide 11.3%. Discover real relief! When bladder leakage irritates your skin, it can seem impossible to get relief. Persistent moisture, painful friction, tough to reach and treat. Could there be a worse place to get a rash Now there's Balmex adult care rash cream-designed specifically to soothe and protect skin from the irritation, chafing, and rash caused by bladder leakage and proven to work in just one use.* Powered by three proven ingredients: Exclusive Activ Guard technology neutralizes irritants. Vitamin E soothes and improves the healthy look of your skin. Zinc oxide helps seal out wetness and prevent future rashes. Uses: Helps relieve and prevent rashes and irritation due to wetness from incontinence. Protects chafed skin due to irritation and helps seal out wetness. *Proven to work to reduce redness with first use. Chattem. A Sanofi Company. For more information please visit 2012 Chattem, Inc.