Ace Bakery Bread, Baguette, White

Fresh baked. We love bread! The smell. The texture. The taste. The history. Bread is truly a joy to make and a joy to share with others who feel the way we do. Our Bakers Keep It Simple: Our breads are made with things you recognize. Simple ingredients like flour, water, salt and a variety of natural starters give our breads such a rich flavor. What you get is real, honest bread that tastes, smells and looks so good, it's easy to eat well. We're Committed to Our Communities: We've always believe that businesses have a social responsibility to support the communities that support them. Ace Bakery donates to local charities, with a focus on funding food and nutritious programs to assist low-income members of the community, financing culinary scholarships, and supporting organic farming initiatives. Visit to find out more. We're Always Happy to Talk Bread: Visit us at to learn more about our breads and other good things, and to join the Ace Bakery Recipe Club. Or call us at 1-800-443-7929. For recycling information: